Throwing away ten things a day is really eye-opening. In two weeks, I’ve thrown away far more than 140 items. Still, it seems like I’m continually chipping away at the tip of an iceberg. It’s time to start systematically going through the house to create minimalist-approved zones.

I could have started with a single drawer, but I had a couple of hours last weekend and took on a slightly bigger project: our linen closet. My daughter and I went shelf by shelf and made decisions quickly. The whole closet took us less than an hour to sort, clean, and reorganize.

Linen Closet Before & After

Before & After

Mission accomplished! It doesn’t look like a lot changed until you concentrate on what’s NOT there. I removed a stack of items to donate…

Linen closet - donations

….a surprisingly large pile of garbage…

Linen closet garbage

…and a stack of old sheets and towels. Part of me wants to get rid of them right now, but since old sheets and towels have so many uses, I put them in a box downstairs with the date on them. In a year, if I haven’t touched them, then we’ll throw them out.

Should these have a second life?

This is the smallest closet in the house, but I feel like we’ve made a big difference. Plus, it got me energized for the next project!