That’s a funny title for this post since the whole point is to tell you [spoiler alert!] that I won’t be wrapping up my habit of throwing away 10 things a day.

Over the month of October, I have thrown away a grand (conservative) total of 493 things. 115 of those will be donated or given away and the vast majority of the rest have been recycled.


That’s a pretty big number, but I still feel like if my house were an iceberg, we’re still chipping away at the ice above the water. I’ve successfully cleaned out only three major areas:

  1. Linen closet
  2. Upstairs bathroom
  3. Kitchen

We have a 1700 square-foot home with four bedrooms and two stories. That leaves a lot of rooms and spaces to minimize.

As I move into November, I will adopt a new theme, which will be unveiled on November 1st, but I will continue to go through each drawer, storage bin, and room until we have created space everywhere.

Throwing Away 10 Things a Day Continues

My goal is to be done by January 1st. I will purge items from one space a day for the next 60 days. It’s an aggressive goal and a massive undertaking, but I want it done yesterday. Let’s do this!

So much for “wrapping up”.