There are many ways to be a minimalist, but I subscribe to the flavor that Joshua Becker described in a post on his blog, Becoming Minimalist. He says,

Some people I speak with get nervous when they hear the term minimalist. For them, it conjures up images of destitution, barren walls, and empty cupboards. Rightly so, they decide that is no way to enjoy life. Believe me, I agree—that is no way to enjoy life.

Maybe that is why I use the term rational minimalist and find it resonates so well. If you walked into my home today, you would not immediately deduce that a minimalist lives here.

That’s really my mission. I’m not going to get rid of all of my furniture, dishes, or our kids’ toys. I’m not pulling all of our photos from our favorite hikes off the walls. I’m intentionally keeping what’s most important to me and clearing out the rest.

My journey toward rational minimalism has led me to realize some important things in just over one month and it’s been fun. Does it resonate with you?

Join me!

Rational Minimalism: Decor

One painting we won’t be removing: Heavens Peak (Highline Trail, Glacier National Park)