Nightstand Minimalism

I’m really enjoying my minimalism project and find that the more excess stuff I clear away from my life, the more focused and better all parts of it are. For example, I decluttered my bedroom last weekend, which included cleaning up a six-inch-tall stack of papers, notes, magazines and books from my nightstand. Now, my nightstand has only a lamp and the current book I’m reading (which is Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has The Time by Brigid Schulte). Whereas when the pile was there, I would never read before getting some sleep, now I’m inspired to read every night.

While I know I’m making amazing strides toward the lifestyle that I want, the strides toward my $25K goal are not as big. In the past month I’ve saved only $81.56 for a total of $271.94. What I realized is that while clearing away the clutter is a wonderful place to start (it gives you energy and a great sense of accomplishment), I’ve been ignoring the benefits of compound interest. That is, the earlier I can strip away the excess money we’re spending, the faster it will add up to my $25K goal. Therefore, December’s challenge will be all about money. More specifically, I’m going to look at all of our recurring bills and see if there are ways to save money. I haven’t examined my Netflix options or gotten a quote from another insurance company in years. It’s time I knew I’m not spending more than I should for what our family needs.