If I had to choose one cultural aspect of America that shows just how backwards we’ve become, it might just be Black Friday. Luckily, many (dare I say the majority?) of us don’t ever set foot in a store on Black Friday.  Many people simply choose to opt out of Black Friday and, sometimes, material gifts altogether. Our family is greatly cutting back on material gifts this year, but the kids will still get something they need and/or love.

Black Friday Online

Why buy presents when boxes and gift wrap are usually the biggest holiday hits?

When Nathan and I spent the winters in Medora, ND while he worked at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we were 1.5 hours away from the nearest Target.  With temperatures plunging well under 0 degrees and roads covered in ice and snow, I was forced to find a new way to shop for Christmas presents that didn’t involved physically slogging through Christmas specials at the store.

It turns out that you can get free shipping and many of the same deals ONLINE on Black Friday (and throughout the holiday season) that you get in the stores. Plus, you get to sit around in your pajamas drinking hot chocolate and enjoying turkey leftovers.

I shop ahead of Black Friday and jot down the prices so I have a price baseline and don’t get distracted by the store’s specials online. I find that for specific items, some of them get cheaper on Black Friday – probably fewer than half.

Of course, the best deal is opting out and finding something truly meaningful to get your family, but if you must get a traditional present, I recommend skipping the stores and thoughtfully choosing a gift online!