Save Money on BillsAs I mentioned in my reflection on two months of minimalism, trying to save $25K in one year is tough, especially if you don’t start finding ways to save money immediately.  Right now, I have just 10 months left and I’ve saved a meager $271.94 which is really amazing if you ignore the fact that I have $24,728 left to save.

So this month, I’ll be looking at all of our recurring payments and exploring whether there’s a way to save money on each one.  When I pulled together the list, it seemed a bit daunting:

  1. Mortgage
  2.  Childcare
  3.  Netflix
  4.  WAMU
  5. Washington Gas
  6. Fairfax Water
  7.  Garbage
  8.  Internet
  9. Cell Phones
  10.  Dominion (Electricity)
  11.  Insurance
  12.  Car
  13.  Preschool

I guess I can look at this list not just as the long list of people taking my money, but as a lot of opportunities to save it.