I was elated last week to discover that if I switched from Verizon FiOS to Cox that I would save $18/month and increase my internet upload speeds by 25 Mbps. We were very happy with Verizon, but $18 is quite a bit and not something I could pass up. So, I called Verizon and asked if they could lower our current price. They couldn’t, so I put in an order to cancel our service. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

Before I did that, I talked directly with a live chat agent at Cox and nailed down exactly how much the taxes and fees for their service would be. I was told there was a $30 self-setup fee and a $7/month modem rental. Great! I read some reviews. Both Verizon and Cox are universally hated, so I gave myself permission to proceed.

I won't switch internet providers, even though they all make me feel claustrophobic like this photo.

After canceling Verizon, I went back to the Cox website to sign-up. Everything was in order, except that the modem price was now $10 instead of $7. Again, I live chatted and found out that in my area, the single-band modem ($7) is unavailable, but I might be able to go to the store and procure one. Fine, so I called the number listed for the store and got the main, centralized Cox answering system. Instead of the option to speak with a person, they have an answering machine. That’s it?! I left a message and waited. My call was supposed to be returned by the next business day. Several days passed and I heard nothing. So, I called again and got the same answering system.

By this point, I had a bad feeling that this would be cable provider hell all over again. The incredibly long list of why I won’t use Comcast ever again even if they’re the last provider on earth deserves its very own post sometime. However, service is something that Verizon FiOS actually does well. A real person always answers and there is no transferring between departments.

I decided the headache that I’m getting is probably just the tip of the iceberg and if it’s this hard to become a customer, I can’t imagine what it would be like being one. I called Verizon and canceled my service cancellation…and I won’t look back. I won’t switch internet providers this year. I’ll find other ways to save money instead.