100 Days of Real Food


One of the blogs I’ve grown to love is Lisa Leake’s 100 Days of Real Food. What started as a 100-day challenge for her family continued with another hundred days and another until eating the foods we were naturally meant to eat became…normal.

I mentioned during my November Food Challenge, that I love Michael Pollan‘s books and ideas, which can be summarized in his advice from In Defense of Food: Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants. In this season of excess and preparation for resolutions, I’ve thought many times about finally changing my diet — for good. The more I read, think, and eat, the more I am convinced that a proper diet will not only make you feel great on a daily basis, but will ward off many of the common (and sometimes fatal) diseases that tend to strike in mid-to-late life. Now that I’ve got young children at home, it’s more important than ever that I set the right example and set them up to be happy, healthy humans for life.

Real Food Challenge

100 Days of Real Food has a new e-program called the “100 Days of Real Food” Mini-Pledge Program and it aims to help you cut out processed foods in 14 weeks. Each week, Leake will send out a small challenge that you pledge to keep for 7 days. For example: “Eat two different fruits or vegetables each meal” or “Listen to your internal cues and stop when you feel full”. They all build up to the final challenge, which is “don’t eat any packaged foods with more than five ingredients”.

Since I was already thinking about how to start my own real food challenge, I signed up immediately (thanks to my friend, Maureen, for the link)! I’m excited to try this and form some better eating habits.  Would anyone like to join me?

It’s the perfect side challenge for my minimalist project, which I already consider to be a wildly successful life change.  Here’s to a happier, healthier 2015 and beyond!