make your password your goalAre you forced to change your login password at work every 90 days? That annoying password that you dutifully type an average of 8 times a day could help you meet your New Year’s resolution and life goals.

I learned this tip from Mauricio Estrella, who wrote a viral blog post about how he used his passwords to change his life in big ways. He got over an ex-wife, saved for vacation, and quit smoking simply by using passwords that reminded him of his current goals.

Make Your Password Your Goal

Think about it. Each time you type your password, you say it silently in your head. It becomes so automatic that typing it and thinking about it is a semi-subconscious, frequent reminder of that thing that is your password.

In the past, when password change time arrived, I would quickly pick something big going on in my life, shorten it to 8-12 characters and add some numbers and symbols. When my youngest daughter was born, I typed M4d3l1n3 all day long and perhaps that was part of the reason I missed the real Madeline so much! I couldn’t get a break. Use that constant reminder to your advantage!

I’m currently using this trick to help me get to my $25K goal. I can’t say it’s actually pushed me to save the money, but I haven’t forgotten about it. Not one day goes by without me thinking about this project. Who can ignore the thing you type once an hour every single day? It’s a great trick.