Sheep at Mount Vernon

Sheep at George Washington’s Home: Mount Vernon

Though we’ve made tremendous progress over the last four months, we definitely haven’t reduced our possessions down to the essentials. We haven’t even reduced them down to the things we actually like, let alone need. I was naïve to think the full de-owning process could take place all at once. Not only do I have so much more to get rid of, I want to keep going. We have momentum now! Here are some guidelines I’m adopting to help me shed as much as possible in my next round of decluttering.

Decluttering: Guidelines for Round Two

  1. One: Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist discusses the power of owning just one. Any duplicate items have got to go.
  2. One Year: If I haven’t used it in over a year, it’s going in a box with a date and I’m taping it closed. If I don’t use it in the next year, I’ll donate the box without looking inside.
  3. Joy: Does this item “spark joy”? Japanese decluttering sensation, Marie Kondo, uses this question when decluttering for herself and her clients. If I really don’t like something, I’ll get rid of it. If I need it, I’ll replace it with an item I love instead.
  4. Family: I don’t have any quotas or rules for the things my children and husband own. I just want to get them excited about de-owning so that they’ll start to do it on their own. If I can get them to sit down with me a few times and happily de-own, I’ll be happy too.