There are two places I didn’t get to in my first round of de-owning: the garage and the cars. I specifically saved these two for warmer months and last weekend we were treated to perfect weather.

Project: Clean & organize the garage

Time Needed: An afternoon to a full weekend (depending on the size and junk-density of your garage).

Prep: Clear your driveway so it can be a staging area, grab several garbage bags, and have a push broom ready. Check with your garbage collector on what they’ll collect from the curb.

Like many Americans, our one-car garage (a luxury in our area) is so full of junk that it doesn’t have enough space for a car. We have bikes, a wagon, lawn mowers (yes, multiple lawn mowers), junk from two moves ago, giant old bags of grass seed, all manner of car-washing equipment and some grungy old tables, one of which is attached to the wall somehow. In the nearly three years we’ve lived in our house, I have never, ever cleaned the garage, except for a couple of sweeps with our push broom. There is a garage attic storage area that we’ve never explored. The only thing I knew was up there were two raccoon traps that the old owner used when raccoons wandered into the house via (thankfully removed) cat doors.

I really was motivated by the beautiful day. Here was a perfect activity that would keep me outside for hours and would have long-term benefits for the entire family.

The garage went from this…

garage before de-owning

…to this (these tables are fully detached on their way out)!

garage after de-owning

We ended up with a pile of garbage and a “maybe someone might want this” pile that included an old push mower and the raccoon traps. It’s amazing how much of the items we don’t use in the garage are really just pure junk. The best part is that now the garage is a room that I really want to use. We’ve already set-up shop painting new doors for our bedrooms. There is enough room for a car to fit (when we move the tables and doors) and I know exactly where everything is. I probably breathed in far more dust than I did in five years living in Arizona, but unless I contract hantavirus, it was completely worth it.

Good-Bye Garage Garbage!

Good-Bye Garage Garbage!

In fact, if this weekend will be just as nice as last weekend. I think I’m ready to start Round 2!

Have you cleaned out the garage recently? What did you throw out?