minimalist birthdayI didn’t have to remind people about my minimalism project. I didn’t even notice that something had changed until several days after my birthday.

When I first started this project, holidays would roll around and people would joke about getting me extravagant or highly unnecessary gifts (like a second pitchfork) and probably spent more time than they should have wondering what to get me that would be minimalistic enough. Some friends and family bought normal, material presents anyway, but some found creative ways to get me experience gifts (there are some great minimalist birthday gift ideas here and here). The idea that I didn’t want a real present bothered some people.

Now, eight months later, with all the fanfare of a slug falling asleep under a leaf, my birthday rolled around and everyone automatically went minimalist. That’s right! I got amazing gifts from my family and friends (thank you!), but absolutely nothing material. What’s even better, no one even mentioned my minimalism project. No one, except my good friend, Maureen, who brightened my day with an offer to get me Marie Kondo’s new book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, and made sure she got it in the best, most minimalist format (kindle). (So thoughtful!)

I also removed my birthday from Linked In and should have done the same for Facebook. While the onslaught of wishes seems nice at first, it’s nothing compared to hearing a sincere ‘Happy Birthday’ from someone who cares enough to remember it without a Facebook prompt.

So, while I may not be changing the entire world with this project, it seems I am changing my little piece of the world, which is enough for now.