Nathan and I are celebrating our 10th Anniversary today! No presents, just quality time spent together (and a few days without the kids for the first time since they were born)! There’s a reason that time seems to move more slowly when you’re younger and you can get that feeling back. Give yourself the gift of time!

gift of time

One of the highlights of our marriage so far: Uhuru Peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro

Gift of Time

It seems cliché, but wouldn’t all anniversaries be better if, instead of buying presents, we did something special with our favorite people to commemorate the day? A picture or memory is worth a thousand gifts. For Mother’s Day this year, my mom flew to DC and we all went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. While she also got a present personalized by my kids, I’m guessing the part she appreciated the most was the trip. I know I did.

gift of time

Memories in the Making

I recently read a fascinating book by Joshua Foer called Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art & Science of Remembering Everything. He, somewhat accidentally, discovered the world of competitive memorization, trained for a year, and won the American Championship. During the year he trained, he wrote about all of the memorization techniques that help us remember things on a daily basis. For people like me that have a hard time remembering names, this book is filled with great tips. One of his mentors also discussed an interesting theory on how to elongate your life and slow down time. Our brains are very visual and, the stranger and more unique an image is in our brains, the better we remember them. The same is true for experiences. That’s why we have a hard time remembering what we had for breakfast (routine memory), but an easier time remembering our vacations (something different and interesting). That’s also why it seems like time is moving more slowly when you’re younger: every day brings something new and your brain holds onto it. Therefore, by doing something interesting and distinct with your life more often, you’ll remember it better and make time feel slower.

So, instead of automatically buying a gift for your next holiday, try the gift of time. Find something unique and exciting to do and enjoy a less materialistic life.