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My happiest days were when everything I owned fit inside a mini-van.  This blog is my journey to sculpt a life with more meaning and less stuff in the fast-paced, expensive world of the Washington, DC area.

I’m a mom and a Lean-Agile Coach & Program Manager at Opower in pursuit of a new American Dream: The Quest for Less.  My goal is to reduce “stuff” and obligations so that I can find two hours a day to work on long-term goals such as starting my own business or writing a book. Read my blog, peruse past posts and visit the goals page to learn more about my current goal and how I’m meeting it.

Are you interested in doing something similar?  Join me!

Simplify. Appreciate. Explore.

Cherry Blossoms 2011


  1. Hi Amber,
    I came across your blog and really enjoy it. I look forward to going through the wealth of info about living simply that you have have archived. One important question- I am about two years into my own active journey of living more simply and I am starting to realize the importance of having a community or even just one friend who has prioritized this life orientation as well.

    I choose not to be on social media- do you know of any groups, gatherings, events in and around the DC metro area that might allow me to tap into such a community. It would be so nice to have ongoing conversations with someone(s) about applying minimalism in everyday life.

    Please do feel free to email me back directly.
    Thanks so much!

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