Making my goals public helps me stick to them. I pick one goal a year, which drives what I write about on this blog.

My Current Goal

By Sept 30, 2016, I will finish organizing using the KonMari Method and then concentrate on finding at least two hours a day to work toward long-term goals such as starting my own business and writing a book.

goal achieved

Nathan & I at Uhuru Peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa (2008)

Last Year’s Goal

By September 22, 2015, I will “earn” $25K by reducing spending, getting rid of things we don’t need, or earning a little extra doing something I love.

I did pretty well, but only saved $10,331.51. However, I learned more than I possibly could have hoped and this year’s goal has been updated accordingly.

Thanks to everyone who reads each week and comments! There’s no substitute for your help and encouragement on my journey to reach these goals!