Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Although there are many, many things I’d like to work on as part of this minimalist project, I’ve chosen one goal for the next year:

By September 22, 2015, “earn” $25K by reducing spending, getting rid of things we don’t need, or earning a little extra doing something I love.

The $25K is equal to less than 20% of our annual household income.  Right now we save 10-12% for retirement, mostly locked up in retirement accounts, but that’s not enough to give us the opportunities we would have with more savings.  Do we want to travel more?  Yes!  Could I start my own business? Yes!  Should we spend more time with family who live 13 hours away? Yes!  I love the idea of opening up these possibilities.

As a Lean-Agile Coach & Program Manager at a DC start-up called Opower, I help teams work more efficiently toward their goals.  Progress usually comes down to one thing: increasing focus.

If you multi-task you get less done.

My plan is to focus on minimizing our possessions first.  Each week, I’ll post at least two articles: a weekend project and a minimalist tip that I love.  I’ll sprinkle in some bonus topics too.  

I would love new ideas and inspiration in the form of comments and emails along the way.  Do you want to work toward the same goal?  Join me!

I’m excited!  Let’s get this project stated!